San Jose Channel & Isla San Francisco

Jan 28, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

As the sun broke above the crest of Isla San Jose, the National Geographic Sea Bird turned south. During the morning we cruised along beneath the escarpment of the Baja California Peninsula watching seabirds and a group of bottlenose dolphins on our way. Isla San Francisco provided a sheltered and scenic site for kayaking, snorkeling, and a variety of hikes.

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Gretchen Pederson

Gretchen Pederson


Gretchen became intrigued by plants, animals, and the out-of-doors at an early age while growing up in the San Francisco Bay area. Tolerant and encouraging parents permitted almost any pet imaginable, which provided excellent opportunities for her to observe animal behavior. Later, at the University of California, Davis, she focused her studies on zoology before completing a Master of Science degree in wildlife biology at Humboldt State University. As a graduate student, through a U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service grant, she researched the feeding ecology of mallards and northern pintails, a project that combined her interests in ornithology, botany, and invertebrate zoology - all lifelong passions that she still pursues today.

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