Española Island

Jan 28, 2018 - National Geographic Endeavour II

The oldest island of the archipelago, Española Island was the first to appear above sea level and one of the most interesting for animal life. It has a good percentage of endemism with some species only seen here: marine iguana, mockingbird, albatross and lava lizard and even tis own giant tortoise species.

The morning is dedicated to marine activity. Some guests with experience in water go for a deep-water snorkeling session to discover the wonders of this place. Plenty of fish of all kinds, marine invertebrates, and some sea lions are encountered. Others just get their easier enter to the sea from the beach.

This morning ends with a stroll along the long white sandy beach with many sea lions and some species of birds.

In the afternoon, we get ready to visit Suarez Point in the northwest side of the island. Here we are welcomed by hundreds of marine iguanas and sea lions.

The rocky trail leads us to the south of the island where many species of land and marine birds nest. Finches, mockingbirds, doves are almost everywhere here. Albatrosses are ready to leave the nesting island for the open southern seas for a break.

Colonies of masked boobies with their chicks are seen just as we walk along the trail. Spectacular blowholes adorn the shore of this fantastic wild life spot. The day ended with a beautiful sunset.

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About the Author

Patricio Maldonado

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Patricio, better known as Pato amongst his friends, was born in the Galápagos Island. His family moved to the islands from the mainland and settled on the island of Santa Cruz over thirty-five years ago. Pato had an enchanted childhood in the islands, where his keen interest in the wildlife of the Galápagos was born initially through catching lizards and observing how they lost their tails. His experiences in the islands have led him to teach visitors about the need to protect this rare and unique environment.

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