Amazon Natural Park & Nauta Caño

Jan 23, 2018 - Delfin II

Our second full day of our expedition on the Upper Amazon started with a visit to the Amazon Natural Park. In this private reserve, the main attraction is a suspension bridge which is a state-of-the-art piece of engineering. The long bridge, approximately a quarter of a mile in length, allowed us to have the thrill and excitement to walk in the middle strata of the rainforest. We had a persistent rain that accompanied us the whole morning.

In the afternoon, weather was completely different. We had a sunny afternoon. After an introductory presentation about photography with our photo instructor Michael Nolan we went to explore Nauta Caño.  This stream is covered with thick vegetation where our naturalists spotted several bird and mammal species. Three-toed sloths, a couple of squirrel monkey troops and the unusual sighting in this location of monk saki monkeys. Finally, late in the evening, just after dinner we had a short walk, this time at night. We were immersed in the forest night sounds and atmosphere in total darkness.

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About the Author

Carlos Romero

Expedition Leader

Carlos was born in Quito, Ecuador and grew up in Venezuela, where he lived for many years near the ocean and later the rainforest. He returned to Quito to study biology and specialized in the fauna of Ecuador. His main field of study was zoology with an emphasis on vertebrates. He has a doctorate in biology and a master’s in ecotourism and natural protected areas management. He designed a new curriculum for the largest university in Ecuador, the Central University— a masters in environmental management and administration of natural protected areas. Carlos has also taken part in various scientific projects and expeditions with the Biological Sciences Department of Quito’s Polytechnic University. He has published several scientific papers, including one about the bats of Galápagos and one about the vampire bat of mainland Ecuador.

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