Coiba National Park

Jan 31, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

Today our exploration among Panama and Costa Rica aboard the National Geographic Quest arrived in the Republic of Panama and once again made it to Coiba National Park one of the jewels of the eastern Pacific Ocean. The National park includes marine and land portion that comprised around 271,000 hectares, and became one of the most important marine corridors in which marine species like dolphins, sharks and sea turtles can move between The Galapagos Islands the southernmost of the corridor to the northern most part of the Corridor to Isla Cocos.

We started the morning going to the Monkey Trail in which in Spanish is Sendero de los Monos and just about 600 feet from the trail head we spotted a troop of Coiba howler monkeys an endemic specie that developed a different gene flow than its closest relative the mantle howler monkey we find in the mainland of Costa Rica and Panama.

We got a very good glimpse of them while they were howling stablishing their territory in the rainforest perhaps because they might have heard us walking closed from where they were.

At the same time, we had guests at the beach enjoying the day at the coral reef and we wrapped up our day with a video of the what they saw at the underwater forest what it is the coral reef.

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About the Author

Gabriel Ortiz


Gabriel Ortiz is a recent addition to the ecotourism field in Panama.  He was born in Panama City and is working towards a bachelor’s degree in administration of tourism.  He started guiding in the Soberania National Park and his love for sustainable tourism and conservation has led him to admire the unique position that Panama offers as a crossroads of the world.

About the Photographer

Carlos Calvo Obando

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Carlos is a freelance wildlife photographer and photography instructor from Costa Rica. Passionate about travel and education, he also works as a certified naturalist guide on the beaches, jungles, and mountains of that beautiful tropical paradise. With 20 years of experience leading groups and making images and portraits of Costa Rican creatures and landscapes, he loves to share his knowledge and tricks with enthusiasm, simplicity, and a good sense of humor.

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