Los Islotes and Isla Espiritu Santo

Feb 16, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Lion

Arriving to Los Islotes in the early morning, the National Geographic Sea Lion anchored in the lee of the two-rugged guano covered rocks. Sunny skies and a fresh breeze from the north along with mild temperatures were forecast for the day.

Located 0.5 nautical miles to the northwest of Isla Partita, Los Islotes is part of the Isla Espiritu Santo National Marine Park established in 2003 by the Mexican government and the Nature Conservancy. Well known in the region for its California Sea Lion rookery, it is amongst our most treasured stops on this itinerary.   

Once securely anchored the guests were excited to board the small boats after breakfast for an expedition landing craft tour along the two small volcanic ash islets looking for blue footed boobies making nests and displaying their courtship behavior on the rocks above and viewing the California sea lions hauled out on the rocks scratching and wrestling near the water’s edge. After small boat tours, guests were back in the small boats in their wet suits and snorkeling gear and enjoyed swimming with and interact among these beautiful and playful marine mammals. In addition, many snorkelers saw fish such as Cortez angel fish, several species of starfish and a few lava crabs hanging off the side of rocks.

Once all souls were back aboard by mid-day, the National Geographic Sea Lion crew raised the anchor and set sail for Bahia Bonanza on the eastern shore of Isla Espiritu Santo while the guests aboard enjoyed a tasty lunch. This beautiful sand beach stretches nearly 2 miles north to south. The National Geographic Sea Lion dropped her anchor south of Punta La Bonanza and soon the small boats were again over the side and guests we ashore going for a long beach walk or taking a paddle in the kayaks or enjoying a leisurely snorkel along the reef just off the north end of the white sand and shell beach.

In the evening Captain Nettles held his farewell cocktail party and dinner and both guests and crew reminisced about the wonderful week we have had aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion.

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About the Author

Adam Jenkins

Expedition Leader

Adam began sailing as a boy off of Port Townsend WA. He acquired his Master Mariners license at age 18 and began working as a yacht captain aboard Puget Sound charter yachts. After attending the University of Washington, Adam embarked on a single-handed voyage down the Pacific Coast aboard Saint Brendan, his 27-foot sloop. On this voyage, he explored the Sea of Cortez, transited the Panama Canal, circumnavigated the Caribbean Sea and explored the eastern seaboard from Florida to Nova Scotia. During this four-year voyage, Adam made a living as a professional sailor, sailing as master aboard various vessels in the Caribbean Sea and lived aboard his boat in Guatemala and Belize for a year. Other global adventures include traveling the length of Pakistan by train and four-wheel drive truck, trekking in the Hindu Kush, exploring Patagonia and climbing in Torres Del Paine National Park, skippering the expedition yacht MV Peregrine in South East Alaska and the Queen Charlotte Islands BC (Haida Gwaii).

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