Half Moon Caye Natural Monument

Feb 17, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

We saved the best for last! Today we arrived to Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, this is the first marine protected area in Central America and the oldest Belize wildlife protected site since it was first designated as a Bird Sanctuary in 1924. Its designation was for the protection of the red footed booby.

As soon as we got to this paradisiac island we walk along one of the trails that leads to a platform where we could observe the famous red footed boobies nesting and the magnificent frigatebirds displaying their red and big gular pouch. The snorkeling was outstanding and every guest that came out of the water had great stories about all their sightings.

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About the Author

Max Vindas

Expedition Leader

Known for his passion for nature and dedication to conservation and ecotourism, Max Vindas has been guiding natural history trips in Costa Rica since 1993. On his first trip to the rainforest at age eight, Max realized his love for the outdoors and wildlife observation. Since then, he spends as much time as he can in the forest, sharing his knowledge with visitors to his country.

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