Phenom Penh

Feb 13, 2018 - Jahan

We cruised into the capital of Cambodia, Phenom Penh, just during sunrise. Our first excursion was an adventure on the local transport – cyclos. After moving with the traffic through the busy city centre, we arrived at the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda.

After exploring the palace and all its wares, we continued onto the fascinating National Museum to get our first taste of the amazing culture to come at Siem Reap in a few days’ time.

We had a fabulous lunch with French-inspired food at Topaz restaurant, and continued onto the infamous Toul Sleng “S21” prison. The rest of the afternoon was optional with some guests deciding to go onto the Killing Fields, while some travelled onto Tabitha, the non-profit organisation run as a rural support for women, and still others just went shopping in the city.

The highlight of the day came after dinner with an incredible traditional performance from the local Apsara dancers.

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