At Sea South of the Antarctic Circle

Feb 20, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

Today was a truly Antarctic day that started south of the circle. We would soon experience two opposite sides of the weather this continent has to offer. Early on winds gusting up to 90 km an hour produced lively seas that crushed against the many icebergs floating around and that, combined with the very dark skies, created a gloomy yet very interesting environment through which to travel. In the afternoon, we witnessed a much kinder Antarctica—winds died completely to create glassy, calm waters and fantastic reflections of the many bergs around appeared. We visited an historic British base converted into a museum and ended the day sailing north among icebergs and humpback whales.

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About the Author

Santiago Imberti


An ornithologist, photographer, fisherman, climber, and writer, Santiago Imberti was born and raised in southern Patagonia, Argentina. He obtained a degree in tourism and later in ornithology, which allowed him to combine his love for nature and the outdoors with his work as a birdwatcher, naturalist, fly fishing, and mountain guide. He has been guiding trips in Patagonia, the Antarctic, and Arctic for some 25 years.

About the Videographer

Bradford McArthur

Video Chronicler

Committed to filming isolated regions and untold stories through a message of conservation, Bradford McArthur founded Forever Exploring Productions in 2009 to help bring these stories to life.  With the vision and ability to see past surface distractions and take the story straight to the most meaningful questions, his films not only deliver beautiful imagery, but often ask the most honest question.  Why?

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