Magdalena Bay/La Boca

Feb 22, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Lion

This morning we awoke to brisk winds, and cloudy skies, but we were in the neighborhood of the gray whale, so spirits were high! As the day progressed, skies began to clear, and the winds slacked just enough for the seas to lay down a bit. Four rounds of cruising for whales brought life-changing encounters to several of our guests, and smiles were the uniform of the day as guests made their way back aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion for an evening of traditional Mexican drinks, fare and music with Los Coyotes de Magdalena. ¡Olé!

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About the Author

Jeff Campbell


Jeff Campbell fell in love with the ocean while attending boatbuilding school in Eastport, Maine. Since completing his MS in Marine and Estuarine Science at Western Washington University, he has worked for NOAA documenting the ecological impacts of transoceanic fiber-optic cable; the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife developing an aging method for sixgill sharks; the Lummi Tribe as a Harvest Biologist; Northwest Indian College teaching Fisheries and Wildlife Biology, and as a volunteer for the Whatcom County Marine Mammal Stranding Network. He has been involved in research developing mitigation methods for harmful algae blooms, sterilization methods for oil tanker ballast water, and techniques for screening refinery effluent for harmful ecological effects. He also served as Principle Director on a USDA-funded grant using student interns to study the impact of nutrient-rich run-off on seasonal dead-zones in Bellingham Bay.

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