Bahia Dispensa & Playa Dispensita

Feb 25, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

On our first day of exploration in the Gulf of California we saw several welcome sights: dense flocks of migrating eared grebes, jumping mobula rays among the waves, and impressive volcanic rock formations. The National Geographic Sea Bird anchored in the quiet waters of Dispensa Bay, at the southernmost tip of Espiritu Santo Island. As guests and staff walked on the beach, we found shells belonging to several species of snails, bittersweet clams, lion’s paws, cockles, scallops, and oysters, and the bones of fishes, dolphins, and sea turtles, naturally washed up by the waves. Inland, Sonoran Desert vegetation surrounded our fast-walking guests, and a black jackrabbit, endemic to the island, bolted away from us.

On the water, our snorkelers were delighted to see the varied fishes and invertebrates that populate one side of the bay. In the afternoon, we moved to the nearby Playa Dispensita for kayaking and expedition landing craft tours around a breeding colony of magnificent frigatebirds in a patch of mangroves. The bright red gular pouches of males are used as part of a courtship display and indicate their breeding condition. Great beginning of our journey in the Sea of Cortez!

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Michelle Brugiere

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Michelle grew up in France and found “home” upon her arrival in California in 1985. In 1987, a near death experience opened the doors to the deep connection between Body Mind Spirit and she became fascinated with the human body. Instead of furthering her teaching career she became a licensed massage therapist and wellness practitioner. She discovered many ways to deepen and understand the connection through the art of therapeutic massage and a daily practice of yoga, meditation, and qigong. Her deep connection to Nature and her passion for adventure and the great outdoors took her to many mountain tops in Colorado, California and South America, rock climbing on beautiful sandstone spires in Utah and on challenging granite walls in Colorado and Argentina. Her love for water took her swimming with dolphins in Kauai and New Zealand, dancing with sea lions and manta rays in the Sea of Cortez, and sea kayaking to the islands in Baja.

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