Puerto Gato and San Jose Island

Feb 23, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Just before sunrise, Paula, our expedition leader, started our day bright and early with the announcement that common dolphins were riding our bow. We saw a couple hundred of them surrounding the National Geographic Sea Bird. What a fantastic way to rise and shine!

After breakfast, we went ashore at Puerto Gato where we had many options for exploring the area. Paddleboarders and kayakers leisurely wandered around the bay. There was also a chance to go for a snorkel and see a variety of fishes. We enjoyed a change of scenery at Sierra de la Giganta and went for walks in the desert. All and all an enjoyable morning in the northern part of the Sea of Cortez.

There was one more landing in the afternoon at San Jose Island. At Kelley Beach, we explored the desert and soaked in the beauty of this amazing landscape. The last event of the day was to gather in the lounge to watch the voyage slideshow and enjoy Captain Carter Davis’s farewell dinner. What an amazing voyage to this very special part of the world!

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Stephanie Martin


Stephanie is a marine mammal scientist who began her career studying finback and humpback whales from a small isolated lighthouse island off the coast of Bar Harbor, Maine.  This project—an effort to identify individual whales by matching dorsal fin shapes, natural color patterns and any acquired scars—sought to catalog all the mammals that populate the waters from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the New York Bight.

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