Bartolome & Rabida Island

Mar 05, 2018 - National Geographic Islander

In our first full day of expedition, we had the opportunity to explore two satellite islands of Santiago Island.

Even though they are just a few miles away from each other, they look very different from one to another.

Bartolome Island is one of the best places to explain the geological formation of Galapagos because you can see spatter, cinder and tuff cones which are very common all over the Archipelago.

Rabida Island on the other hand it is a perfect place to understand why in Galapagos we have up to six different coloured beaches, all of them being volcanic origin except the white sand ones.

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About the Author

Walter Perez

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Walter was born in a very small town on the mainland of Ecuador. His first trip to the Galápagos was when he was 12 years old, visiting friends and aunt, who had moved to the islands. From the first moment he saw the Islands, he fell in love with them and knew then where his future home would be.

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