Hull Canal & Magdalena Bay

Mar 05, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

After navigating the always changing bathymetry of Hull Canal, we anchored the National Geographic Sea Bird in Magdalena Bay. A short expedition landing craft ride south of the ship, we found ourselves surrounded by spyhopping whales and mother-calf pairs surfacing in the glass-calm conditions. The gray whales take refuge from the open Pacific in these lagoons on the Baja California Peninsula to breed, give birth, and prepare their calves for the 5,000-mile journey north to their feeding grounds in the Bering and Chuckchi Seas. Not every day do we have the opportunity to experience a gray whale’s gentle disposition and immense size on such a personal level.  

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About the Author

Emily Newton

Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Emily was raised in the mountains of Central Oregon, where she spent much of her time on the back of a horse. Her fascination with marine science began with family vacations to British Columbia, where she explored tidepools, captured sculpins, inspected limpets, and watched resident killer whales hunt, play, and rest in Johnstone Strait.

About the Videographer

Rodrigo Moterani

Video Chronicler

Rodrigo Moterani was born in Brazil, where he still lives. After spending his teen years playing with camcorders and VCRs, Rodrigo ended up working in the field of television journalism and video production in his home country. He graduated with a degree in communications in 1997.

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