At Sea & Anchorage at Siguanea Bay, Cuba

Mar 06, 2018 - Harmony V

New landscapes of blue Caribbean surround us as we begin our first morning at sea aboard Harmony V heading towards the Isle of Youth. We have already seen flying fish and some sea turtles from the deck, and spent the morning enjoying calm seas and ideal weather for our journey west.

As we made our way through the Batabeanó Gulf towards the Canarreos Archipelago, we took advantage of our naturalist, Carlos Navarro, for a mid-morning presentation on birding in Cuba, as well as our Cuban guide, Juan Jose, who has also joined us on board to present more detailed information on Cuba’s unique cultural and political history.

Our National Geographic photographer Kike Calvo and photography instructor Erika Skogg later gathered all the photographers on board for a hands-on digital photography tutorial to prepare for the photogenic vistas and sunset as we arrive at our anchorage in Siguanea Bay off Isla de la Juventud.

The sunset did not disappoint as our group gathered on the stern of Harmony V to drink in the crepuscular rays piercing through scattered clouds. Some of us threw out fishing lines, and while others pointed their lenses at the giant sun dipping behind the infinite Caribbean. We raised our glasses to another incredible day in Cuba and to our expedition leader Emma’s birthday during our unforgettable fisherman’s buffet dinner on the sun deck!

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About the Author

Erika Skogg

National Geographic Photographer

Erika Skogg is a photographer, educator, and National Geographic Explorer with experience documenting cultural stories from the United States to Morocco, Greenland, Iceland, Colombia, and beyond. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Erika’s photographic research and storytelling ideas are driven by the desire to immerse, understand, and visually preserve the region’s local Nordic culture, and in 2018, Erika received a National Geographic Early Career Grant for her project “Scandinavian American.” Erika travels to Scandinavia regularly in search of the cultural connections to our emigrant history and promote an interest in one’s own genealogy to foster a respect for the continued immigration of today.

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