Espanola Island

Mar 12, 2018 - National Geographic Islander

Galapagos it is a chain of more than 330 Islands, Islets and Rocks located 600 hundred Nautical Miles from the closest Continental mass, which is Ecuador. However, that was not the main reason Galapagos belong to Ecuador, but because many European countries, which sailed this water, did not claimed Galapagos simply because, there were not natural resources on the Island.

Galapagos it is wold famous nowadays because of the importance among the scientific community to understand evolution.

Along this week, we are going to have a chance to see species that are found in Galapagos and nowhere else. Some species are even strictly endemic to one Particular Island. That is the magic of Galapagos!

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About the Author

Walter Perez

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Walter was born in a very small town on the mainland of Ecuador. His first trip to the Galápagos was when he was 12 years old, visiting friends and aunt, who had moved to the islands. From the first moment he saw the Islands, he fell in love with them and knew then where his future home would be.

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