Cayo Largo

Mar 13, 2018 - Harmony V

Today we broke up our 130 mile route from Isla de Juventud to Trinidad with an atypical stop in Cayo Largo (Long Key).While “La Isla” is very much off-the-beaten-path authentic Cuba, Cayo Largo is a beach resort with no year-round Cuban residents. 26 kilometers of heavenly white-sand beaches lure in Canadians and Europeans in the winter months to all-inclusive hotels. We, as mostly U.S. travelers, are not allowed to stay in such resorts because of the travel embargo.However, we were able to find people-to-people activities at the turtle breeding center and the local health clinic.On the way back to Harmony V, some explored the gorgeous Playa Sirena (Serene Beach) while others snorkeled above a sunken vessel in a nearby reef.

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Jeff Phillippe

Expedition Leader

Jeff was raised in upstate New York and completed his B.A. in geography at Middlebury College in Vermont. He attained his master’s degree in water resource science at Oregon State University where his research focused on glacier hydrology in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. He spent most of his 20's teaching Earth sciences and geography at the secondary and university level, while taking his summers off to lead wilderness and climbing expeditions throughout the continental U.S., Alaska, and Canada.

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