Bartolome and Chinese Hat

Mar 15, 2018 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Today we woke up for an early walk uphill to the top of Bartolome, a satellite islet of Santiago Island. This relatively young island is a good place to appreciate different geological formations such as tuff and spatter cones, and young basaltic flows. The presence of pioneer plants such as Tiquilia nesiotica and the lava cactus makes of Bartolome a good place to understand how life started in Galapagos after the first colonizers stablished in newly formed islands. In the afternoon we visited Chinese Hat, another satellite islet of Santiago Island. The presence of sea lions and colorful fishes made up our afternoon. We finished our exploration day with an outstanding sunset that we could appreciate on the sky deck of the National Geographic Endeavour II.

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About the Author

Javier Carrion


Javier grew up on Santa Cruz island where his grandparents first arrived in the 1940´s. Veritable pioneers, his grandparents settled in the highlands where they found a place to raise their children.

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