Half Moon Caye Natural Monument

Mar 04, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

Today we visited one of our favorite sites in Belize, the Half Moon Caye Natural Monument. This place features many different ways to stay engaged with nature. There are two main things we like to do here. First, we walk to the viewing platform where we can see the famous red footed boobies nesting as well as the magnificent frigatebirds that showed their big inflated gular pouches. The next thing we did was snorkel, of course! The most common phrase you hear from our guests was that it was like swimming “in a fish tank!

The motto of this natural monument is, “it all started with the boobies!” You’ll see this phrase on t-shirts and on the website, because this area was first designated as a bird sanctuary in 1924 for the protection of the red footed booby, making it the first marine protected area in Central America and the oldest wildlife protected site in Belize.

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Max Vindas

Expedition Leader

Known for his passion for nature and dedication to conservation and ecotourism, Max Vindas has been guiding natural history trips in Costa Rica since 1993. On his first trip to the rainforest at age eight, Max realized his love for the outdoors and wildlife observation. Since then, he spends as much time as he can in the forest, sharing his knowledge with visitors to his country.

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