Magdalena Bay

Mar 20, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Lion

The trip has begun. All of the packing and planning has led to this moment when we cast off from the ship in zodiacs to watch or first Mexican sunrise. The morning temperature was cool but the light of dawn captivated us. Slowly the orange morning flowed over the horizon. The ship glowed on the rippling water.  On shore the sands mimicked the waves with their corduroy textures.

After breakfast we roamed the soft sands of Sand Dollar Beach until it was time to haul anchor and head to the outer waters of the Pacific Ocean. Along our stroll we found the desiccated husk of the largest urchin I have ever seen.

Our photo team gave an inspiring talk filled with tips for improving our images.

The National Geographic Sea Lion made its way toward La Entrada, the entrance to Magdalena Bay passing California sea lions hauled out on navigational markers as we said good Bye to Magdalena Bay.

Our intrepid wildlife spotters were in their positions on deck.

Naturalist, photo Instructor, Rich Kirchner, gave a presentation on gray whales that prepared us for tomorrow’s adventure.

Meanwhile, out on deck, a fin whale was lunge feeding along the surface of the water and groups of sea birds gathered for quick feeding frenzies.

Recap and dinner preceded a viewing of “Around Cape Horn”, 1920’s film designed to help reassure us that the seas we are traveling on are relatively calm.

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For the past 20 years, Marylou Blakeslee has traveled the world sharing her love of wild places. She lectures on a number of topics from the bears and wolves of the Arctic, to the leopard seals and whales of the Antarctic, as well as the turtles and fishes of the Great Barrier Reef.

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