Isla San Marcos & Santa Rosalía, Baja California

Mar 24, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

We awoke cruising north on a flat calm sea. Soon hikers, kayakers, and paddleboarders were headed for a landing at an intriguing arroyo lined with palo blanco trees. These legume trees seem to exude tranquility and a park-like setting. After exploring and spending time on the water, we made our way to Santa Rosalía, a friendly town where a French copper mine once thrived.

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About the Author

Pete Pederson

Pete Pederson


Pete Pederson has always been attracted to the out-of-doors and is fascinated by the diversity of life and how natural systems function. He studied zoology and completed his Master of Science degree in wildlife management at Humboldt State University in northern California. As a graduate student, through a U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service grant, he researched the feeding ecology of northern pintails and mallards, a project that combined his interests in ornithology and invertebrate zoology. Although drawn to many aspects of nature, Pete especially enjoys helping others understand more about marine mammals, birds, and geology. He is guided by a passion for these subjects and by the joy he gets from sharing them with people.

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