Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia

Apr 02, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Overnight we had cruised northward, and at daybreak we were anchored off the east shore of Isla San Marcos.  We hiked, kayaked, used stand-up paddleboards, and during the morning’s low tide we investigated the intertidal zone.  In the afternoon we visited the old copper mining town of Santa Rosalia.  After sampling baked goods at the ’world famous’ Bolero bakery, we made our way to the terrace of the Hotel Frances, where we enjoyed cocktails, conversation, and beautiful views over the Gulf of California.

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About the Author

Berit Solstad


Berit grew up on the rocky shores of Marblehead, Massachusetts. In the tidal cove behind her family’s home she found horseshoe crabs, eels, and feeding frenzies of fishes and birds. Low tides exposed clam flats, crabs, mussels, and snails. She explored this marine environment through changing tides and seasons, nurturing a love of natural history and marine biology.

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