South Pacific Ocean, Towards Mangareva

Apr 05, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

We awoke this morning to the crackling of thunder as we steamed northwest towards Mangareva. The cloud cover was a very welcomed reprieve from our busy day on Pitcairn Island, providing us the opportunity to cool off, stretch our legs and recharge for a full day at sea. After breakfast we learned about the geology of Polynesia and how to capture its beauty with the handy smartphone. After lunch we learned about the corals of the tropical Pacific Ocean and partook in a spirited conversation on climate change.

There was much to do today, whether out on deck, listening to presentations in the lounge or finding a quiet spot to edit photos. But mostly, today was about rest, reflection, and anticipation for the adventures to come in the Gambier Islands.

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Ian Tomcho

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