Loreto National Park

Apr 07, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Lion

The dawn broke as National Geographic Sea Lion motored south into the Bahia de Loreto National Park in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The objective of the morning was wildlife viewing. Keen eyes crowded the decks and watched eagerly. The productive waters of the area did not disappoint. First the word of a distant whale was whispered, then exclaimed, and finally broadcast ship-wide as sperm whales were discovered over and over. The ship was bobbing in a veritable whale-soup. Just to seal the deal, out of the blue, the hotel team appeared and set up an impromptu Bloody Mary bar right on the bow! After a splendid morning watched the largest member of the toothed whale swim and dive, we continued our journey south to Half Moon Bay. Here the watersport toys were deployed and a splendid day of snorkeling, paddle boarding, and kayaking ensued. Once the day began to cool down, hikes up to a nearby ridgeline were offered, and a group of enterprising near-shore explorers went off to explore the intertidal in the spirit of John Steinbeck and Ed Rickettes. To top the day, dinner was served ashore in a barbeque style, informal dinner, and many a s’more was toasted.

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James Hyde


James is your typical free-range Pacific Northwest outdoorsy type. Born in Seattle and reared nearby on Vashon Island, he is most comfortable in slightly cold and damp weather. James joined the Lindblad team in July 2016 as a dive buddy and has been in love with expedition travel since. On his own he has traveled to Europe, Asia, and Australia, but with Lindblad he hopes to continue his adventures across the globe, searching out the beauties of the natural world. An avid scuba diver James can’t help being excited about whales, sharks, and pinnipeds, but he will also happily bend your ear about underwater slugs and invertebrates. It’s best just to humor him about these things.

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