San Cristobal Island

Apr 07, 2018 - National Geographic Islander

The last full day of our trip in the famous Galapagos islands has arrived, and today we visited Punta Pitt in the morning and “Cerro Brujo” after lunch.  Punta Pitt is one of the two places where we can see red-footed boobies.

After breakfast we landed on a green sparkling sand beach made out of olivine and micro pieces of quartz, here we developed our last hike and we lucky to see the three species of boobies that exist in the Archipelago (red, blue and Nazca). The trail here is steep and after half an hour, we reached an area where we had a spectacular view of the place. The island of San Cristobal is one of the oldest in the Galapagos so the volcano located in Punta Pitt is a lot different than what we have seen during the present week, the volcano has many peaks and is very eroded.

In the afternoon we landed on “Cerro Brujo” and spend a couple of hours on a nice white-sand beach with an amazing turquoise sea. Here we saw many blue-footed boobies fishing, these birds were diving over and over again, sometimes in groups of 3 to 5 five at the same time. The beach also has a colony of sea lions, and we saw them nursing their pups.

Around 5:30 we started moving our vessel in direction to “Kicker’s Rock”, one of the most beautiful geological formations of the Galapagos, we got very close to the rock, enjoying the beauty of it, plus a wonderful sunset.

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Lenin was born in the capital city of Quito, where he grew up surrounded by the mountains and volcanoes of the Andean region of Ecuador. At age 17, he received a scholarship to study in Mexico, and a few years later traveled to the U.S. and finished college with a degree in Earth sciences. In 1994 he returned to Ecuador to undergo a training course to become a naturalist guide for his incredibly rich and biodiverse home country, and started working in the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador. 

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