Los Islotes & Bonanza Bay (Espiritu Santo Island)

Apr 06, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

This morning the National Geographic Sea Bird arrived to Los Islotes, an established (and intensively studied) reproductive colony of California sea lions. As soon as we dropped anchor we boarded the expedition landing crafts and started cruises around the magnificent rocks to observe and photograph these interesting pinnipeds, as well as the many marine birds that perched on the cliffs or flew around in the clear sky. The year-old puppies came around the boats, and played and jumped out of the water, showing their great skills as divers and adaptations to the marine environment. Our guests and staff also snorkeled among them to see them below the surface of the sea. As a corollary for the exploration, the expedition diver took a long scuba diving to film the wonderful life that occupy the surrounding rocks, bottom and water column. In the afternoon, the ship moved to Bonanza Bay, a fantastic long sandy beach located in the southeastern corner of Espiritu Santo Island. Most guests enjoyed a relaxing time in the water: snorkeled, kayaked or played with the standing paddleboards; other, with the natural history staff, looked for the shy, beautiful endemic black jackrabbits, and spotted three of them running away from us. Our expedition in the Gulf of California finished with a red, orange, pink and greenish sunset.                

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About the Author

Adrian Cerda


Adrian studied biology at the national Autonomous University of Mexico. In 1991 the Wildlife Preservation Trust of Jersey, on Britain's Channel Islands, awarded Adrian with a scholarship to its prestigious 16-week training program in Captive Management and Breeding of Endangered Species. This pioneering course of study is responsible for the conservation and rescue of countless species on the verge of disappearance. While there, Adrian also received a six month diploma in endangered species management.

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