Millennium Atoll

Apr 23, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

Millennium Atoll is such an amazing place, and we have been lucky enough to spend the last two days in this location. We found ourselves in of the most remote places on earth. The atoll formally known as Caroline Island, forms a part of the Southern Line Islands of Kiribati. It was renamed because its location and time zone meant it was the first place on earth to tick over into the new millennium. We were certainly in a unique part of the world, you do not have travel too far to move between four different time zones. 

Millennium Atoll’s location and lack of any human residents make it such an interesting place to visit for nature lovers. There is a 12 nautical mile no-fishing-zone around the island in an attempt to protect it and maintain it as one of the most pristine water environments on the planet.  

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Chris Cook


A self confessed “animal nerd,” Chris falls under many titles: marine biologist, marine interpreter, dive master, science communicator, and naturalist. Chris was lucky enough to grow up on the East Coast of Australia, where there are no shortage of different coastal environments to explore. While growing up, his friends would be surfing while he would be under the waves, snorkel and mask on looking for fish and all the weird and wonderful creatures he couldn’t get enough of. This love of the ocean lead to him completing a Bachelor of Science in 2005.

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