Endicott Arm

May 16, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Lion

In the morning we went to Dawes Glacier, it is 200 feet tall and 1 mile wide at the front of the glacier.   When two rivers of glacial ice meet it creates rock lines in the ice, it is called medial moraine.

Today we learned water carves shapes into the ice because when the waves of salt water hits the ice it creates a crevice and when that happens lots of times, the crevice becomes deeper and deeper until it creates a hole or arch in the ice.

Our naturalist Amy grabbed a few pieces of ice from the fjord to show us the difference of ice that is exposed to the water and ice that is exposed to the air. Ice that is exposed to water is clear and smooth but ice that is exposed to air is not nearly as clear and it feels very rough.

Then the cocoa boat filled with Vikings decided to stop by to give us hot chocolate on this surprisingly warm day.

Then it was time to head back to the boat but we decided to go to the waterfall and we touched the water that was flowing down the mountain. We had a fabulous time in Endicott Arm and hope to come back.

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