Tracy Arm-Ford’s Terror Wilderness Area

May 19, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

This morning the ship traveled up Endicott Arm, weaving its way through floating ice to arrive at the face of Dawes’ Glacier, deep within the Tracy Arm Ford’s-Terror Wilderness Area. Dawes’ Glacier terminates in the water as a sheer wall of ice, allowing for stunning views of its cool, blue color. The glacier is actively calving, dropping massive chunks of ice into the water below. We boarded our zodiacs for a closer look and encountered cascading waterfalls, curious harbor seals, arctic terns, and a thunderous show from the glacier itself.

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About the Author

Brett Garner

Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Brett is a photographer, marine biologist, and educator from California. He is happiest underwater with camera in hand working to inspire marine conservation. He has worked and traveled extensively throughout the Americas, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. His underwater work has taken him under the ice in Alaska and also through some of the world’s warmest seas. 

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