Le Conte Bay

May 24, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

“Ice Ice Baby…”

Up early this morning, I was delighted to spot the bright glint of sunlight reflecting from ice as we sailed toward a destination new to me. I love to photograph ice in all its myriad shapes and phantasmagorical forms and it was exciting to see that the bay held captive large chunks of blue ice calved from the face of the Le Conte Glacier. The icebergs were grounded on the sea floor at low tide and from our Zodiac cruising platform we were able to get up close and personal with them to study and photograph these multi-faceted ice sculptures. Shades of blue dominate the ‘berg’ color palette and one might think it easy to simply point and shoot with a camera to get good pictures but with the sun already high overhead the contrast between highlights and shadows was strong, so the challenge was to compose and expose correctly to make good images.

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About the Author

Andrew Peacock

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Andrew was born in Adelaide, South Australia and (mis)spent his youth surfing and kayaking in the ocean, as is the case for many Aussies! After graduating from medical school, he spent a year working as a surgical resident in Santa Barbara, California where he also began rock climbing. Taking up this new activity with a passion, Andrew began to explore the mountainous regions of the world and volunteered his medical skills in Nepal and India where he has since led numerous treks. Documenting his experiences with a camera led Andrew into the world of professional photography and he began contributing photos to what was then the Lonely Planet image library. So began a ‘side-line career’ using the creative side of his brain.

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