Cross Sound

May 27, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

A sighting of killer whales, announced in this morning’s wake-up call, quickly amassed a crowd on deck that was energetic and undaunted by the 41-degree chill. The energy carried through the day as we explored the nutrient-rich waters of Cross Sound in expedition landing crafts, with sightings of more marine mammals such as harbor seals, Stellar sea lions, and sea otters, in addition to so many eagles we could not keep count.  Afternoon activities ranged from tranquil kayak exploration to soggy bushwhacking, and we spotted humpback whales before bedtime.   

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About the Author

Chelsea Leven


Time among frogs and hardwood forests established Chelsea’s love for the outdoors as a child in the snowbelt of northeast Ohio. Impelled by curiosity about the natural world, she signed up for field trips in college, earning a geology degree from Amherst College, and studying marine ecology in New Zealand. Snapshots from ensuing science positions include scuba diving research, paleoclimate studies in Chile’s Atacama Desert, and warming bags of live bats against her belly.

About the Videographer

Sarah Culler

Video Chronicler

Sarah was raised on a multi-generational family dairy farm, established circa 1815 in Lucas, Ohio. Consequently, her first paying job was milking cows! Rewarding as it was to get paid for the first time, she found her passion behind the lens of a camera. Growing up on the farm gave her not only a strong work ethic but also the love of nature and being outdoors. 

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