Storøya, Arctic Ocean

May 29, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

We have spent the morning cruising around Storøya, a small island covered by an ice cap east of Nordauslandet. A couple of decades ago, this island was part of the icecap of Austfonna, Nordauslandet. As all glaciers retreat, Storøya has been revealed to be an island. We were searching for wildlife and we managed to spot a couple of shy walruses in the distance. Then, in the afternoon, we ventured out on a Zodiac cruise in the Arctic Ocean! We were surrounded by ice floes and gained an understanding of the importance of this material for the ecosystem.

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About the Author

Jonathan Zaccaria

Expedition Leader

At age 24 Jonathan had his first experience in Antarctica as a scientist at the coastal French Dumont d'Urville Station. Located on the windiest place on Earth (regularly around 200km/h, maximum up to 320 km/h), and bounded by sea ice eight months a year, this is the closest station to an Emperor penguin colony, worldwide advertised by the documentary movie The March of the Penguins. During his time there, he was taking measurements of the ozone layer and UV rate.

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