San Cristobal Island

Jun 02, 2018 - National Geographic Islander

We disembarked today on a brown sandy beach at Punta Pitt in the northern end of Chatham Island. This area has spectacular scenery similar to the Grand Canyon with massive cliffs eroded from volcanic ash and orange colored from the rust of its iron content.  It looks old and eroded. The trail goes through a ravine that testifies to the abundant rainfall in the wet season and leads to a plateau where blue-footed boobies are nesting. At the end of the trail, we find nests of red-footed boobies, which have chosen this location because it offers easy access to the open ocean where they feed. These are the only boobies that that have prehensile webbed feet, are able to hold to a branch, and make a true nest.

After the walk, we swam and snorkeled at the beach where we disembarked. We had lunch as we navigated to our next destination. Cerro Brujo is a white sandy beach with clear waters where after a long walk we swam in the turquoise waters near Galapagos Sea Lions. After the visit, we sailed towards Puerto Baquerizo Moreno passing Kicker Rock along the way. A fabulous day comes to end.

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