At Sea from Aitutaki, Cook Islands to Ra’iatea, French Polynesia

Jun 05, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

Perfect cruising conditions on this last sea day with blue skies and calm seas. Throughout the day the expedition staff offered presentations on marine life and local culture. There was time to honor the 60 crew members from nine countries (48 alone from the Philippines) who put so much effort in making our voyage safe and enjoyable. Not only do they work very hard, but they also spend part of their free time with rehearsals to demonstrate their hidden talents in the very popular crew show.

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About the Author

Isa Weber

Cultural Specialist

Born with the travel bug in a small German town, Isa escaped provincial monotony at the age of 20—working for five years on cargo ships allowed her to travel off the beaten path. After several stays in Indonesia she became a secretary at the Foreign Office in Germany and was posted to Kobe, Japan. During a vacation to the islands of Tahiti Isa felt that this was the place where she wanted to drop anchor and moved to Tahiti in 1982.

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