From Endicott Arm to Dawes Glacier

Jun 02, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

In contrast to last night’s 40-mile-an-hour wind and brilliant sunset, this morning’s entrance to Endicott Arm greeted us with tranquil waters and muted tones, pierced only by the high notes of marbled murrelets and bright blue of glacial bergy bits.  Opportunities for kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and small boat tours allowed us to closely explore the shorelines and ice. Dawes Glacier provided a dramatic finale and the trip ultimately closed with the sighting of a humpback whale at sunset.

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Chelsea Leven


Time among frogs and hardwood forests established Chelsea’s love for the outdoors as a child in the snowbelt of northeast Ohio. Impelled by curiosity about the natural world, she signed up for field trips in college, earning a geology degree from Amherst College, and studying marine ecology in New Zealand. Snapshots from ensuing science positions include scuba diving research, paleoclimate studies in Chile’s Atacama Desert, and warming bags of live bats against her belly.

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