Glacier Bay National Park

Jun 13, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

Early this morning, National Park Service Ranger/naturalist Rebekah, embarked National Geographic Quest at park headquarters, Bartlett Cove. She accompanied us up-bay to relate and interpret the remarkable story of Glacier Bay, including ice advance and retreat, cultural history, geology, and plant succession. We made a slow cruise by South Marble Island to see the nesting birds and hauled-out Steller sea lions, then proceeded to the end of the West Arm (Tarr Inlet), where further travel is blocked by the Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers. Margerie was active today and we were thrilled when large sections of this tidewater glacier broke off at the terminus and crashed into the water with a tremendous splash and roar - “white thunder,” making new icebergs in the process. 

We experienced some of the magnificence of Glacier Bay National Park today, and there are many photographs and memories to take home with us.

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Lee Moll


Lee grew up as a "Nature Girl" in the rural outskirts of New York City, where she developed and expressed her keen sense of biophilia.  She expanded her passion for the outdoors when she ventured to the western side of the country and she currently owns a home in Boise, Idaho.

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