Hvar, Croatia

Jun 09, 2018 - Sea Cloud

Today we started to get to know the Sea Cloud, and the morning at sea provided a great opportunity to get to know the boat. Since there was a bit of wind, the staff put up the sails and we marveled at their technique, skills, and bravery—it wasn't an easy task, considering the rain, wind, and chilly weather. 

And although expedition team assured us the weather would improve, we were suspicious because the rain got worse by the hour. By the time we arrived to Hvar Island and got ready to tender to shore, we were fully equipped with raincoats, umbrellas, windbreakers, and more. But what happens when you're fully equipped? It stops raining. As soon as we reached the town of Hvar, the blue sky appeared. We ventured on a walking tour of the small town, guided by Karmen and Jana. Though Hvar is small, it's full of life and history. The guides made sure to wow us with the oldest public theatre in Europe (from the 17th century). We also visited the square of St. Stephen, the largest square in the Dalmatia region, and the 15th-century Franciscan monastery overlooking a shady cove. Later, some of us visited the Benedictine monastery, the only place in Europe where lace is made from agave threads. Others hiked to the Spanjola Fortress, or as locals call it, Fortica, a 16th-century castle looming high above the town. Those who didn’t want to make the climb could shop in boutiques selling lace and lavender. There was also just enough time for some to test out a few of the local wines or sit to enjoy a cappuccino in one of the many cafes nestled within these charming walls. 

Back on board in the evening, the captain introduced his crew, we all toasted each other, and we enjoyed one of the first of many delicious meals aboard the Sea Cloud.

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Petra Nosetic

Petra Nosetic

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