Le Conte Glacier and Petersburg

Jun 19, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

National Geographic Quest set sail into a glassy sunset last night! We woke to those same glassy conditions as we readied for our extra-special, somewhat-earlier-than-typical, morning adventure: exploration of a ‘field of icebergs.’ Le Conte Glacier is the southern-most tidewater glacier in North America and one of the most productive, as far as calving icebergs is concerned. 

Guests had myriad opportunities for exploring the Petersburg area, including flightseeing, two different hikes, a dock walk, a photo walk, biking around town, or simply exploring town at one’s own pace. The weather was sunny with a slight cooling breeze later in the afternoon-extremely cooperative for all such endeavors!

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About the Author

David Jaffe

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

For more than 25 years David Jaffe has guided and taught a variety of audiences about our natural world and our connection with it. His childhood interest in natural systems eventually brought him to Evergreen State College where he earned a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Geology, followed by a M.S in Applied Ecology from the University of Vermont. Mingling an academic background with experience working around the world in exceptionally diverse environments, he is able to efficiently observe, understand, and interpret natural and cultural history.

About the Videographer

James Napoli

Video Chronicler

Jim was born in rural New England where he quickly developed an appreciation for the outdoors and a love of exploration.  Four years with the U.S. Navy further enhanced his appetite for travel. Always interested in the visual arts, he studied Television at Boston University and Northeast College of Communications, landing his first job in the industry working as an editor at a Boston television station. His wanderlust drew him to a job with two major cruise lines; installing and managing broadcast centers onboard a total of over a dozen ships. He has since moved on to specialize in expedition travel and wildlife productions.  

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