North Seymour & Rabida Islands

Jun 24, 2018 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Exploration begins as we are received by North Seymour Island. It is hard to believe this arid island holds so much in the way of life. However, we are set back by the diversity. Magnificent and great frigates soar overhead searching for the daily sustenance while chicks await food in the nests. Blue footed boobies also tend to their young as Galapagos land iguanas and lava lizards slowly move about, warming in the early light of the day. Sea lions laze on the coast as small marine iguanas expose themselves on the rock as they too warm up.

Our navigation into the afternoon takes us to Rabida Island. The iron oxide color extrudes from this volcanic island and we explore the underwater world that is teaming with action. White tipped reef sharks and Galapagos sea lions swim by as Pacific green sea turtles feed in the shallows of this rocky reef. Galapagos garden eels line the sandy bottom poking their heads out as feed. The late glow of the sun shines through the heavy clouds as we walk upon this island in commune with the sea lions and this incredible place.

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About the Author

Jason Heilmann

Expedition Leader

Growing up in northern California, Jason was surrounded by the incomparable nature of the Pacific Northwest. While attending university there, Jason met and eventually married an Ecuadorian woman who happened to be from a small group of islands off the coast of western South America. It was thus that Jason’s path led him to Ecuador and, in time, to one of the most revered natural environments on earth, the Galápagos Islands.

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