Ísafjörđur, Iceland

Jun 27, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

Back in civilization!

After a bit of rocking across the Denmark straits, we finally find ourselves in Iceland. The final leg of our epic trip has come, and we awake to sunshine and green mountains. After wake-up call and breakfast, the different tours start. Some of us go on a hike in downtown Ísafjörđur, and others set out on two different bus trips. I went on the Valagil hiking tour, which took us to a beautiful waterfall and a center for orphaned artic foxes. After a short reposition of the ship, we spent the afternoon touring Vigur. This very nice island is famous for its birdlife, including eider ducks. They take very good care of the ducks on the island, collecting the down only when the ducks leave their nests and producing down products of highest quality. At Vigur, we also got to see hundreds of puffins and Arctic terns. Altogether, it was a great day!

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About the Author

Kasper Jaeger


Kasper is a city boy, born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, but has always known that his place on Earth, was further north. The longing for wilderness and high mountains came early; in his early teens he went on his first weeklong trekking trip in the Norwegian mountains. He comes from a Greenland loving family and therefore, after finishing his first education, Kasper went to the Arctic, never to look back.

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