Endicott Arm, Dawes Glacier

Jun 30, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

The moraine of glacial till, dirt, and rock pushed down by the Dawes Glacier hundreds -- if not thousands -- of years ago is called “the bar.” We crossed it aboard National Geographic Quest at 5AM during a down torrent of rain.  As the morning wore on, the rain stopped but the tidal flow of ice clogged the channel where our expedition landing craft drivers would take us to the face of the glacier.  We paused and wondered at the many waterfalls that lined Tracy Arm, pondering on what it would take in terms of the physical ability to survive in this raw wilderness, as seals spied on us from the cold water.

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About the Author

Lynn Wilbur

Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Lynn is a marine biologist and underwater photographer whose passion lies in the intertidal zone. Lynn’s love of the ocean began when she was just four years old after experiencing a tide pool for the first time, and she received her first scuba certification immediately after graduating from high school. Her interest in photography also started when she was a youngster, shooting black and white film with an old box camera that her mother found at a thrift store.   

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