Tracy Arm, South Sawyer Glacier

Jul 02, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Today was the most amazing day and a wonderful conclusion to an equally wonderful week. The sun was brilliantly shining as we explored South Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arm with our expedition landing craft. Harbor seals lounged on icebergs, the face of the glacier was calving, and the geology of the area was beautifully on display as we gazed in awe.

An exhilarating polar plunge followed lunch. Several brave souls took to the frigid glacier waters and will travel home tomorrow with stories of swimming in Southeast Alaska. Kayaking was offered and guests enjoyed a leisurely paddle in the sunshine. Afterward, cocktails and conversation were had by all on the sun deck as we cruised out of Tracy Arm and on toward Juneau.

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Liberty Miller


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Liberty grew up with a strong love of nature, the ocean in particular. After studying photography and journalism in college, she worked as a corporate photographer in the Seattle area for many years, until finally breaking away at the age of 29 and becoming a seasonal outdoor guide. She has spent the majority of her time working in Alaska and Washington State as a kayak and hiking guide, kayak instructor, and a deckhand naturalist. 

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