Haines, Alaska

Jul 05, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Haines, the adventure capital of Alaska, lies at the end of Lynn Canal, not far from Skagway in South East Alaska. Today was a day of shore excursions for us. National Geographic Sea Bird dropped anchor early in the morning, just outside Haines’ breakwater. Following a lovely breakfast, we loaded the small rubber boats and went ashore. There was a myriad of activities available in Haines.  One option was to float the scenic and iconic Chilkat River and visit the Cultural Center there, established by the indigenous caretakers of this land. Another group of guests left for a strenuous but scenic hike up nearby Mt. Riley. Still others elected to take a bike ride around town. Scenic flights were scheduled all day from the municipal airport and in a rare event, Haines and the surrounding landscapes were sunny and blue skied. What an adventurous and beautiful place indeed!

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About the Author

James Hyde


James is your typical free-range Pacific Northwest outdoorsy type. Born in Seattle and reared nearby on Vashon Island, he is most comfortable in slightly cold and damp weather. James joined the Lindblad team in July 2016 as a dive buddy and has been in love with expedition travel since. On his own he has traveled to Europe, Asia, and Australia, but with Lindblad he hopes to continue his adventures across the globe, searching out the beauties of the natural world. An avid scuba diver James can’t help being excited about whales, sharks, and pinnipeds, but he will also happily bend your ear about underwater slugs and invertebrates. It’s best just to humor him about these things.

About the Videographer

Mark Coger

Video Chronicler

Growing up in a military family, Mark Coger has been traveling most of his life.  While living in Japan, he developed his passion for videography.  He began his venture in the field of video production by filming numerous events for a local high school and the military community before moving to Southern California, where he obtained his degree in filmmaking at California State University Northridge.  From there, he went on to produce and direct his first major short film, An American Journalist which was screened at the Method Film Festival.

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