Hanus Bay, Lake Eva, Chatham Strait

Jul 07, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

What a perfect end to a perfect Alaskan adventure. We didn’t feel a drop of rain the entire week and even experienced temperatures in the 80s!

We spent the day at Lake Eva in Hanus Bay where we kayaked and went on a beautiful hike through old-growth forest, spotting woodpeckers and squirrels among the trees and eagle tracks in the mud.

Back on board the ship, during our afternoon cruise, young National Geographic Global Explorers did an activity with naturalist James. Naturalist John hosted a round of Wildlife Jeopardy in the lounge.

Just before cocktail hour, orcas appeared off the bow. We slowed our speed and rambled alongside them for nearly an hour. Later on, National Geographic Sea Bird’s captain joined the guests for dinner. It was a wonderful trip with a wonderful group of people.

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Liberty Miller


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Liberty grew up with a strong love of nature, the ocean in particular. After studying photography and journalism in college, she worked as a corporate photographer in the Seattle area for many years, until finally breaking away at the age of 29 and becoming a seasonal outdoor guide. She has spent the majority of her time working in Alaska and Washington State as a kayak and hiking guide, kayak instructor, and a deckhand naturalist. 

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