Lake Eva of Hanus Bay & Saook Bay

Jul 10, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

Anchored in Hanus Bay, we began our day hiking through the majestic old-growth forest. Following a salmon stream for much of the way, the trail ambles along, leading us to Lake Eva. In the afternoon, we moved a bit to the west along Peril Strait to Saook Bay. Here, many of our guests took part in their first Alaskan bushwack, and explored the bay either by kayak, or our SUP boards. Then, as if the day hadn’t already been filled with enough adventure, we topped it all off with a small pod of killer whales cruising alongside the ship just after dinner. Wow! What a day!

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Jared Funderburk


Jared grew up in the Carolinas with a passion for exploring the natural world and helping others discover and appreciate it. Ever since he was a boy, he’s always felt most at home in nature. 

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