Island of Huahine

Aug 06, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

Today National Geographic Orion awoke to an incredible sunrise on approach to the island of Huahine. Dropping the hook in Port Bourayne, we set out on adventures either via “Le Truck” or 4-wheel drive. For some of us, our first stop was the well-preserved ancient fish traps on Lake Fauna Nui. The traps have been here for centuries and some are still in use. As the fish are pulled towards the sea by the ebb tide they become trapped in the circular basin at the point of the V, where they are easily caught, usually by net or harpoon.

From there, we explored some of the twenty-eight marae that make the cultural history of this island so incredible. Matairea Hill is home to an exceptional density of marae which has led to a theory that it was inhabited by nobility and the families of the chiefs. While some saw the anadromous sacred blue-eyed eel in a mountain stream, others made their way up to an incredible overlook on Huahine Iti/Little (looking out at Huahine Nui/Big).

After lunch, we dawned fins and snorkels and splashed into the incredible waters surrounding the little motu. Some headed to the snorkel platform and while waiting to get in the water were served chilled coconut water. After snorkeling around some amazing coral heads, we headed over to the kayak beach and chose to either swim in the placid waters, kayak, or participate in stand-up paddle boarding. Another incredible day in French Polynesia.

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