Inian Islands and George Island

Aug 09, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Lion

Ah, so this is what they meant when the naturalists were referring to the temperate rainforest! Southeast Alaska’s usual weather forecast set a majestic scene of summer showers at the Inian Islands this morning. We set out, ready for a splash of adventure and wildlife. Sea otters were found in the tangles of kelp streaking across the turbid turquoise waters. A few bald eagles were seen flying above boisterous Stellar sea lions and even a lone humpback whale emerged just a few feet away! Wild Pacific waters of the west crashing into the frigid glacial melt from Icy Strait created an awe-inspiring experience.

In the afternoon, we set out to explore George Island and a few made a trip over to Elfin Cove’s boardwalk community. George Island’s lush vegetation, rich history, and calm waters offered a variety of walks and kayaking options.

This evening we had an extra special treat of a most multitalented gentleman and esteemed guest, Kim Heacox. Storytelling and music filled the lounge as we enjoyed a delectable desert.

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Caitlyn grew up entranced by the sea. She first became SCUBA certified while in high school in southern California and found her true passion diving and studying marine life. After graduating from Cal Poly State University: San Luis Obispo with a degree in Biological Sciences and a concentration in Marine Science and Fisheries, she began her career in research diving operations and logistics. Through different universities and various opportunities, Caitlyn has been fortunate enough to travel to particularly remote parts of the world, sharing her enthusiasm for exploring the seas and marine conservation.

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