Punta Pitt & Cerro Brujo, San Cristóbal

Aug 10, 2018 - National Geographic Endeavour II

San Cristóbal is one of the inhabited islands of the Galápagos Islands, with a population of approximately 5000 inhabitants. Its town, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, is the main capital of the Galápagos Province. Due to its location in the eastern realm, this island is considered to be one of the oldest in the region (roughly 3,5 million years old!) and its geology is just breath taking. We could appreciate it today in the morning as we went for a Zodiac ride around some islets of Punta Pitt.

Meanwhile, a group of enthusiastic hikers decided to go for a walk on the island and explore its surroundings. It was an incredible outing. Green olivine sand greeted them as they arrived, along with an array of different bird species. Blue-footed, red-footed and Nazca boobies were the highlight of the hike, along with swallow-tailed gulls, frigatebirds and brown noddy terns.

After the nice walk, our guests had a last opportunity to snorkel off the beach and it was tremendous! Lots of fish such as the surgeonfish, Panamic sergeant majors, parrotfish and even playful sea lions delighted us with their variety of colours and graceful swimming.  

Today´s delicious lunch was typical to the Galápagos: salads, seafood, vegetable soufflé, broiled chicken, and even an “endemic beer” coming from the Galápagos Islands.

The afternoon walk at Cerro Brujo (the Sorcerer´s Hill) in San Cristóbal Island was just magical. Being able to walk over such beautiful sand, as fine as flour, under the strong sunlight is the sort of rare experience that sticks in your memory. This is a great place to relax and admire the impressive landscape from the coastal zone, observing the mysterious Kicker Rock from the distance, blue-footed boobies diving into the sea, and some other marine birds walking on the shore. This last visit a great way to end our trip.

Being part of such an incredible experience is a huge privilege and this will remain in our memories forever!

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