Buchan Gulf, Baffin Island, Canada

Aug 15, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

This morning, guests enjoyed polar kayaking and hiking in Feachem Bay off Buchan Gulf. The long hike became a short hike when a polar bear and her cubs were spotted along the route. Afterward, we visited the remains of a small Thule village protected by drifting sand. Former Canadian Coast Guard Captain Sylvain Bertrand, with his recently-trained archaeologist’s eye, located meat caches and a Thule tent ring on the site.

In the afternoon, we explored the spectacular cliff-lined fjord of Buchan Gulf, searching for polar bears and narwhal. We spotted several small pods of narwhal and two polar bears. Crew, guides, and guests alike watched, fascinated, as one of the polar bears attempted to pull a freshly killed narwhal—more than 1,000 lbs.—to shore with his teeth.

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Lynda Gullason

Lynda Gullason

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Michael Jackson


An experienced traveler, Michael has lived on several continents, including a year spent working as a naturalist and zoologist in Galápagos and three months in Kenya conducting a study of birds of prey. He is the author of Galápagos: A Natural History, a comprehensive guidebook which details the natural history of the plants and animals found on the islands. 

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