Lake Eva & Chatham Strait

Aug 26, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

After exploring tidewater glaciers, dramatic fjord landscapes, the adventure opportunities of Haines, and coastal wildlife, today’s activities highlighted the region’s primary ecosystem: the temperate rain forest. Southeast Alaska gets upwards of 200 inches of rainfall per year, supporting abundant vegetation growth in addition to the freshwater habitats essential for salmon. We spent the entire day at Lake Eva enjoying guided hikes, kayak excursions, and shoreline cruises by expedition landing craft. A number of daring guests chose to swim from the beach, taking a bracing polar plunge! Whale viewing, the voyage video chronicle preview, and a slideshow of photos from the trip closed out this incredible final day of our time together.

Our experiences and discoveries in Southeast Alaska over the past week have inspired poems by two members of the community:


She retreats slowly

Humbled by her blue embrace

Ice tranquility


by Todd Louis



Humpback Whale

Water flies from the blowhole,

Fin splits the water,

Tail slaps the ocean.

Humpback whale.


by Skye Larson, age 9

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Deb Goodwin


Following her first wilderness paddling expedition as a teen, Deb recognized the power of immersive experience in motivating individuals to value and protect the natural world. She is passionate about creating opportunities for the inquisitive of all ages to engage with remote places and underexplored marine environments. Over the years, Deb has worked as a sailor, educator, and research scientist in the North and South Pacific, the North and equatorial Atlantic, and the Caribbean.

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