Pacaya River, Ucayali Region

Aug 24, 2018 - Delfin II

Today we immersed ourselves into the heart of the Pacaya - Samiria Reserve, where we enjoyed superb landscapes and wildlife encounters. Our journey started with a skiff ride exploring the Pacaya river and surrounding forests. Along this journey we found various extraordinary species such as the monk-saki monkey, jabirus, neotropical cormorants, river turtles and a group of hoatzins. This was a long ride which gave us the time to stop every time we had an exceptional encounter, and we had so many new sightings! Before lunch, we ended our morning with a fantastic encounter of two species of caimans, some of which got really close to our skiffs. Our lunch was at a rustic house in the middle of the reserve, a very scenic location and wonderful food prepared by our amazing staff.

After lunch, we navigated to a lagoon that is part one of the small tributaries around the Pacaya river. This lagoon was the perfect place to take a swim and refresh after a sunny day of expedition. We came back onboard in the afternoon and got together for a presentation about iPhone photography. At night, our talented staff entertained us with a few Latin American songs. Tomorrow will be our last day of expedition, and everyone feels already so inspired by the beauty of this region.

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About the Author

José Guerrero

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

José Guerrero Vela is an Ecuadorian permanent resident of the Galapagos. His mother was born in the islands and his grandfather was one of the first generation of teachers in the Galapagos, which has always inspired him to promote education as the main path to protect the archipelago.

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